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Your Wise Choice. Thank you for visiting us at the Rodriguez Cleaning Services website. As your resource for “Professional Carpet Cleaning Louisville,” we have the answers you have been looking for and the expertise to accomplish restoration of your soiled carpet. Water damage and flooding, ground in soil from work projects (and children), accidental damage from substances like ink and paint, and a whole range of problems compromising your carpet—they do have answers that do not necessarily mean replacement of your treasured rug. Our company’s expertise extends to furniture, wall coverings, windows and woodwork, and to specialty items, including even “Persian” carpets. We are your certified service provider, certificated by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (aka IICRC). Our goal is to serve you with quality workmanship, and we fully warranty our work with our money-back guarantee.

Exploring Your Needs for Carpet Cleaning Louisville. Carpeting is often a “personal thing,” related to color, pattern, events, people, history, and a host of other factors. All carpeting surfaces are the sum total of these factors. Unfortunately, problems end up being massaged into their surfaces. That’s where we at Rodriguez Cleaning Services comes in. Many in our industry recommend services by professional carpet cleaners annually or at least every year and a half or so in order to control effects of stains, traffic soiling and compression, repeated tracking-in of dirt and dust, animal soiling, etc. No one carpet has all these potential problems. Individual problems will determine how often you require our services.

Surpassing Our Competitors. Your “Best Carpet Cleaning Company Louisville” has the experience that you, the consumer, can rely on. Our services are recognized by such carpet manufacturers as Mohawk, Shaw, Couristan, and Stainmaster. Realtors look to us for cleaning service to assist in bringing a property up to par prior to sale. There is no fabric (e.g., cotton, nylon, polyester, rayon, silk, wool, etc.) that cannot be cleaned by us using our state of the art equipment and methodology. Rodriguez Cleaning Services can remove soil and spots and not leave residue on or in your carpet. Our workmanship will satisfy you, our customer, or you get your money back.

Preparation for a Thorough Carpet Service. Rodriguez Cleaning Services is not limited to simple “steam carpet cleaning” cleaning. Our process for restoring your carpet to its original beauty begins with an inspection of your floor covering. We determine the type of fabric and the nature of stains present, and we report our findings to you. We let you know from the get-go what outcome you can reasonably expect from our services. We “listen” to you and will address any specific concerns. As we move into the cleaning process for your carpet, you will note that we power-vacuum your carpet. We understand that we must remove dirt and soil before we can get to the “real cleaning” of our service. We move furniture to give us access to all the carpeting and return it upon completion of cleaning. (Yes, it “costs,” but you will know all the up-front costs before we service that carpet.)

Customized Service. With this basic preparation completed, what is typically considered the “actual carpet cleaning” commences. High traffic and spot and stain targets receive a “preconditioning agent” which serves to emulsify and suspend soiling. Troublesome spots will receive appropriate pre-treatment with proprietary solutions. The carpet is then groomed or massaged to loosen embedded dirt. It is only then that the carpet is wetted, rinsed, and vacuumed to extract liquids. Our process leaves no residue.

Carpet Stabilization. The chemical balance within the carpet fibers is adjusted or “neutralized” on a pH basis, minimizing fiber propensity to attract new dirt after carpet cleaning, but also establishing a fresh, soft texture to your carpet.

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Inspection Present During Cleaning Process. Stains still present after this thorough cleaning will receive additional treatment with alternative proprietary products. Once the carpet passes final inspection, we can provide a “professional carpet protector” to extend your carpet’s life and inhibit stain and dirt cohesion.

Receiving a Carpet Meeting Your Expectations. The process does not end here. We “groom” your carpet to restore its original pile height. This permits thorough drying of fibers. Our cleaning apparatus will move air at high velocity across these fibers, rapidly drying your carpet. It is only at this point that our technician will do a final walk-through with you to review troublesome carpet areas you originally identified before the cleaning process was initiated.

Updating Proprietary Cleaning Processes. We have competitors who may employ other carpet cleaning methodology. We have chosen our specific procedure to minimize damage of carpet fibers and underlayment or subflooring. Our goal is to preserve the life of your carpet and certainly not shorten it. Our hot water extraction technique is sometimes called “steam carpet cleaning.” It relies on spraying clean water with a neutralizer into carpet fibers and extracting dirty water via a strong vacuum system, collecting it in a holding reservoir to be disposed of externally. “Soiled” air and humidity are directed out of the building. Our cleaning machinery is housed in our service van and only our hoses and our actual cleaning tools come into your home. Our carpet cleaning process will meet your carpet manufacturer’s warranty requirements for maintaining your carpet under warranty.

A Trustworthy Company Serving Louisville. It is not just equipment or products or technicians that make Rodriguez Cleaning Services. We care for you, our customer, and we are concerned about your satisfaction. You can explore our website and note that we have chosen to affiliate with both technical groups (e.g., the IICRC) and business practice groups (e.g., BBB). We are “transparent,” and we are what you seek in an ethical proprietor and tradesman offering quality cleaning services. We are timely and easily identified.