Welcome to Rodriguez Cleaning Services website the place where you will find the answer to all your question related to carpet cleaning. You may be wonder who owns Rodriguez Cleaning Services and what kind of people work there. Well we are a locally owned and operated carpet cleaning and restoration company. The Owners are Cubans. They were allowed  to come to our country in 2010 as a political refugee. The Rodriguez’s Family said that they always will be thankful with this great country for allow them to come to U.S and start a new life where they can raise their two kinds that were born in The United Stated Of America. Dayron is the owner which many people in town already know for his hard work and integrity which has been reinforced by the quality of his work. He is still involved in the cleaning process. Most of the time when you call for an estimate he is the one who come out and do the inspection and tell you how much will be your investment on your project. He also does a lot cleaning with his helper and some time his helper will be the one taking care of you. They have been servicing the greater Louisville since 2012.  In 2012 Dayron decided to open Rodriguez Cleaning Services and offer the best experience ever in the carpet cleaning industry. Rodriguez Cleaning services is known for showing up on time, and always showing when the said they will show up. Which is a common issues in this industry. Companies don’t show up. They also will do their best and if the work needs to be done twice to make sure it gets clean they won’t hesitate to do, Your satisfaction is their goal.

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